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Dog Owner Freezes His Pet To Death

Cruel Dog Owner Freezes His Pet To Death In Russia

In a gruesome act of animal cruelty, a dog owner deliberately froze his loyal pet dog to death by pouring cold water over the dog and putting it outside in -32 degree Celsius in Russia. The incident took place in Yakutsk Russia, which is the coldest city in the world.

The incident came to light when animal activists found the dog in a frozen state. The dog was whimpering with pain in the frozen state. The rest of the body was frozen solid to the ground.

Dog frozen to death

While the rescuers managed to free the animal and rush it to a vet, the one-year-old animal could not be saved.

A female volunteer said, “The eyes, I will never forget them. Did you ever see a man who wanted to live but who was already dying? The dog had exactly the same eyes, understanding everything, just unable to explain.”

Activists demand action against the owner

The activists have demanded action against the owner, with a petition signed by 10,000 Russians.

It’s one thing is when your dog dies, but this man has many children. ‘Today he let his dog die next to his house, and tomorrow the same may happen to his children,’ said a volunteer.

The dog owner was not named but is said to have earlier neglected the dog. The activists are also complaining about alleged police inaction over the case, and a policy of the local mayor to clean up city by exterminating strays. They claim this gives a green light to cruelty to unwanted dogs.

Watch the heartbreaking video here:

Resource : The Indian Express

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