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Saturday , November 16 2019
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Choose The Best Hair Clippers For Your Dog

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A dog often needs a little grooming now and then, which is why getting the Best Dog Clippers are a must. If your beloved pet has long hair, then a hair clipper would be the right choice to keep them relaxed and comfortable during the onset of the summer season. The style isn’t the most important thing to consider, but comfort is the main reason to trim your dog’s hair. To make this process more comfortable, you should choose the right hair clippers. It solely depends on the intended use of the clipper.

If you intend to use the clippers for trimming stray hair then you should consider buying basic home clippers. They come in various features, and styles and not a one size fits all types.

How to choose a right hair clipper for your dog?

Here are a few things you need to consider before choosing the right hair clipper for your dog.

Hair Type 

Depending on the thickness and length of the hair, you can decide what kind of hair clipper you need. You should know that the dogs having short fur and thin coat usually needs a set of electromagnetic clippers. Pivot motor driven clippers often work on the fur pooches of medium thickness. You should see whether your pet has a double coat, a thick coat, or soft hair. Choose a set of hair clippers based on that.


You should use those ergonomic dog hair clippers that won’t cause any strain to elbow, arm, or wrist. Each unit of the clipper should be easy to control without making your hand sore or tired at any point. If you feel any discomfort using the clipper, then it isn’t the right set for you.


Since you are going to do the majority of grooming, you should buy a professional styling clipper. It is essential that the grooming is done at a regular basis, depending on the pets you own. Remember that a cheap hair clipper won’t last long. You should go for a quality hair clipper which may be a bit pricey, but the benefits will outweigh the price eventually.


Good quality dog hair clippers require less maintenance as compared to basic clippers that require high maintenance. The problem with the basic hair clippers is that they have fans to keep the unit cool, but they are vulnerable because most of the time fur clogs the area. It results in heating of the whole unit. Advanced hair clippers should be preferred as they are equipped with a better cooling system and is clog resistant. 

Accessories and blades

Various hair clippers come in a kit that consists of a blade, clipper oil, or a combination of the two. The basic dog hair clippers usually come with a single blade, whereas a professional clipper comes with an assortment of them with varying sizes. You should go for those set of hair clippers that includes a snap-on guide combination. You should choose these sets if you are anxious about clipping your pet unevenly or too close. 


Prevention from skin infections

Dog grooming is way beyond keeping your pet clean and pampering. The dogs having long or medium hairy coats are very much prone to tangling. Over the time, these tangles cause the skin to get inflamed and get irritated. Regular grooming can help prevent skin infections.

Fights heat stress

The dogs with heavy fur coats are sensitive to heat stresses. The air cannot circulate freely and gets trapped inside the fur coat. Grooming with clippers often eliminates this issue.

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