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Rehab Centre For Dogs

Charity Plans To Turn A House Into Dog Rehab Centre

A charity wants to turn a house in Marsham into a rehabilitation center for dogs with behavioral issues.

Safe Rescue for Dogs has lodged plans to build 10 kennels and a 7ft chain link fence at Hill House on Norwich Road.

In an application to Broadland District Council, the charity said it takes on dogs that “few other rescues would”, including many from Romania.

The charity said it has several dogs in commercial kennels as they are not ready for life in a foster home.

“Helping these dogs, coupled with the high cost of commercial kennels, is the motivation behind setting up a rehabilitation centre. The centre can have a live-in carer, who has the specialist skills to work with them,” the charity said.

It said the property will not be open to the public and it will not be a re-homing centre.

“We specifically take on dogs that few other rescues would, the old, the broken and the wonky. This means that we take on many dogs that might be considered too damaged to be rehabilitated, dogs that have been re-homed and returned due to behavioral issues, and dogs that have severe fear aggression,” the charity said.

The charity further said that dogs that are too fearful to cope in a “home situation” are the ones that will be delivered to the new rehabilitation centre.

From there, they would be rehabilitated to a point where they can go to a foster home.

Search application number 20180464 on Broadland District Council’s planning portal for more information.

Reference: Eastern Daily Press

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