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Wednesday , July 17 2019
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Chandigarh Residents’ March Against Mismanaged ABC Programme

Two weeks ago, we informed everyone about a protest happening in Chandigarh about Municipal Corporation’s Mismanaged Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programme.

Today, we are happy to inform you that the protest march against Municipal Corporation’s ongoing Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programme was well received and addressed by the concerned authorities aptly.

A group of more than 70 Chandigarh residents along with animal welfare activists marched down Sector-38 West’s Dog Sterilization Center with banners, placards and photographs highlighting the plight of dogs treated inside the center. They kept chanting and shouting phrases like “SPCA Udgir Go Back; MC Chandigarh Haye Haye.”

Protest image2
Residents shouting “SPCA Udgir Go Back; MC Chandigarh Haye Haye.”

Many people pointed out the fact that many dogs that were picked from localities by the authorities for treatment were never seen again. Disappointed residents added that they want improvement in the way the animals are being treated and to pause the programme for a while until their demands are met.

Dr. M.S Kamboj, the head of the programme, made an effort to listen to the grievances and demands of the people and agreed to these demands:

  • To make the programme more transparent.
  • Improve the website format.
  • Allow volunteers to check up on dogs after surgery and ensure that right aftercare is provided to them before releasing.

A memorandum of all the demands along with the right to access CCTV coverage, etc. was given to him as well.

The highlight of the protest

The MC commissioner of Chandigarh addressed the matter personally and agreed to some of the demands mentioned in the memorandum. He also encouraged Municipal Corporation officials to let residents and other volunteers participate and get involved with the ABC programme to make sure that its efficiency remains intact.

In addition to this, CCTV footage and the access to the registers maintained by SPCA, Udgir will be given to the public on demand.

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