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Wednesday , April 24 2019
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Funny Paws

Funny Dogs Doing Yoga | International Yoga Day

Dog yoga pose

 As today is International Yoga Day, we thought why not give some inspiration to you guys? Here are some amazing and adorable dogs doing yoga… #1. Relax mode yoga   #2. Standing Yoga   #3. Bhujangasana  (Cobra pose)   #4.  Girl… you are doing it wrong!   #5.  Shavasana?   ...

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8 Cute Dogs With Funny Hairstyles

dogs with funny hairstyles

Fall in love with these dogs with funny hairstyles! Grace Chon, a photographer specializing in animals, recently shared a photo album captioned “HAIRY.” She beautifully captured these adorable dogs with funny hairstyles along with their expressions. She realized that people really enjoy watching before and after images, which prompted her ...

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18 Funny Dog Memes That will Make You LOL

Who doesn’t need a laugh every now and then? So, we decided to compile these 18 funny dog memes from the internet that will make you LOL (in case you don’t know, LOL means Laugh Out Loud)! 1. Poop Service   2. When a dog misses you…   3. With ...

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