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Stray dog stabbed in Mumbai

Butcher Stabs A Dog To Death In Mumbai

Lately, a lot of dog cruelty stories are coming to light. We received another report from Mumbai, where a butcher stabbed a mother dog to death for entering his shop in search of food.

Animal rights activists figured out that the dog had recently given birth to 6 puppies, who were now orphaned. An FIR has been lodged at the Dindoshi police station, but the accused was released on bail later.

What Happened

As reported by Sunil Kumbhar who lodged the complaint – Around 12:30 pm on September 9, he noticed a trail of blood at Eit Bhatti Nagar, on the border of Goregaon and Malad. He found a dog curled up at a corner and bleeding profusely. He asked the people around about who attacked the dog and the people in the area mentioned the butcher who may have stabbed her. The dog died before she could be taken to a hospital.

The butcher was brought to the Dindoshi Police station. During questioning, he confessed to killing the dog with one of his knives. He stated that the dog had been continually troubling his business and had run away with meat many times before.

Animal activist Bhavin Gathani said that it is shockingly alarming to witness so many animal cruelty stories in Mumbai and overall India. The dog was killed just because she was trying to take some meat pieces to feed her six puppies!

Gathani has taken responsibility of the 6 orphaned puppies, and his Naigaon-based animal shelter will be keeping them until they find their forever home via adoption.

Vijay Mohanani of Bombay Animal Rights commented that they will continue to demand better and stringent laws against animal cruelty as the existing laws are not good enough.

Dindoshi Police Sub-inspector R ghule confirmed that the accused has been booked under PCA act 1960 and section 429 of the IPC. However, he was released on bail later.


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