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Buried dog found sunburned | US dog

Buried Dog Found Barely Alive, Sunburned, Cut And Missing Fur

Your heart will break when you see the pictures of this poor pup who was buried alive on a beach. The dog, when found, was sunburned and her body was swollen. She was found buried on a beach with only her head out of the sand.

The dog named Leialoha was reported missing and was found on the O’ahu beach, Hawaii. She was missing 90 percent of her fur when she was found and apparently she bled from every inch of her body when given a bath by her rescuers.

PAWS rescue organization saved the pup

Animal rescue organization named PAWS from Hawaii got a tip from some people on the beach about a dog being buried by a person. PAWS shared pictures on Facebook of the dog and her raw skin. Cut marks on her skin are clearly visible. It is believed that the person responsible for burying the dog may have hurt the dog with a rusty machete. He front leg cut marks are an indication of it.

A fosterer and animal care expert Amanda said the pictures broke her heart and motivated her to get in touch with PAWS to look after Leialoha.

She said: “I was scrolling Facebook while the girls were getting haircuts and saw that there was a dog on the west side of Oahu that had been buried in the sand and been cut on her leg with a machete. She was badly sunburned, covered in sores and missing most of her fur. My heart was broken and I knew she needed us to foster her.”

The dog mostly stayed in her kennel when the fosterer took her home for foster and care. However, she didn’t come out of the kennel much. Recently she has started walking around and become more social.

Amanda said: “Last night, she came out while we had friends over to see what was for dinner and has been liking being under the coffee table. She has a long way to go, but the worst is over.”

More than $6,000 has been raised for the dog’s veterinary and care bills through the PAWS Facebook page. The dog is now getting better every day under the care of her fosterer.

Source: Mirror

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