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Wednesday , May 27 2020
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BBMP ABC programme for female stray dogs

BBMP Plans To Sterilize Female Stray Dogs To Control Stray Population

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has come up with a sterilization plan to resolve the stray dog population issue in the city.

The civic body has decided to focus on sterilizing the female stray dogs under its Animal Birth Control Program (ABC).

BH Anil Kumar, who is the BBMP commissioner said that if one female dog is excluded from the ABC program, she can give birth to multiple puppies. So, they have planned to focus on females first and then the males.

The ABC program was initiated in October 2000, it was put into practice as civil society came together against electrocuting strays and culling practice. Funded by the BBMP, the ABC program was initiated to spay and neuter strays and to make the country free from rabies. There were many animal rights groups that came in support of the ABC program.

But in the last 19 years, the number of strays has grown to huge proportions. Kumar thinks that the ABC program was wrongly executed from the inception. According to him, only females should have been sterilized. This would have lowered the chances of population growth.

He admitted that huge money was poured in for the sterilization campaigns. The previous rate was INR 650 per dog and now it is INR 1200 per dog. The BBMP also pays INR 150 additional for anti-rabies vaccination.

According to sources, the NGOs demanded INR 1500 per dog to tackle the sterilization and vaccination of the strays. But the officials turned the offer down. Kumar said that some NGOs refused to pay the 2% security deposit, even when the whole program was funded by the BBMP. The civic body has directed a team to penalize the assigned groups if they don’t meet expectations.

The female stray dog sterilization program ABC will be initiated after a complete dog census is done. The report is to be completed by October 15, after which the officials will have a clear number on the female stray dogs in the city. The ABC program for female stray dogs will be initiated after the count.

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