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Saturday , March 23 2019
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Is Your Dog Suffering From Anxiety?

Dog Anxiety

Just like humans, dogs experience anxiety too. There are several factors that affect a dog’s outlook, usually as a result of fear or a traumatic experience. Dog owners must always be wary of the symptoms and signs to watch out for. Read on to further understand dog anxiety, its telltale ...

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Tips To Bathe Your Dog In Winter

Bath during winter

If you are a pet owner, you know how hard it is to bathe your dog during the winter season. In fact, it is impossible to get them to bathroom for a shower. However, it is necessary to bathe your dog during winters. It is imperative to keep them smelling ...

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Dog Interrupts Football Match To Demand Belly Rubs

Dog interrupted soccer match

Recently, a stray dog interrupted a football match, held in Georgia between FC Dila and Torpedo Kutaisi on 7 October 2018. During the match, the black dog ran onto the pitch and treated the field as a giant dog park. The friendly dog went up to players and demanded belly ...

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Priyanka Chopra Reunites With Her Pooch Diana

Priyanka Chopra With Diana

We all are aware of Priyanka Chopra’s love for her pooch Diana. Whenever the actress gets some time, she takes her cute little pet for a stroll. Now, that PC is in New York to finish her work commitments took to her Instagram to share a reunion picture of herself ...

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