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Wednesday , April 24 2019
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Stray Dog Attacks Two Year Old In Jamaalpur, Ahmedabad

With stray dog menace rampant in Ahmedabad and Municipal Corporation not taking enough action, it has led to a striking increase in dog bite cases in the city. Small children are the most attacked prey of street dogs. Here is a horrifying moment when a two-year-old toddler got brutally attacked ...

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Tips To Avoid A Dog Attack

It can be extremely scary when you’re being charged by a dog. Dogs usually strike people out for a walk or jog. So, how would you protect yourself from a dog charging you, chasing and attacking you? It is important to have a plan in mind if you encounter such ...

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Foods That You Cannot Share With Your Pet Dog

Dog Health Care Tips

People love their pet dog and treat them as their own kids. They like to share everything with them. However, sharing sweets with your dog is not a good idea, especially candies and chocolates. You can give them sweets if you know what kind of sweets would not affect them ...

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