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Saturday , May 25 2019
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Ambulance To Collect Blood For Animal Blood Bank Launched In Chennai

TANUVAS (Tamil Nadu Veterinary And Animal Sciences University) launched an ambulance service yesterday, 29 October, to collect blood from dog donors for the animal blood bank.

The collected blood will be stored in TANUVAS blood bank and will help with animal blood shortage issue faced by veterinary hospitals. The Ambulance was inaugurated by TANUVAS university chancellor C Balachandran. The initiative is funded by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research.

Canine blood – The need of the hour

The Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University blood bank was established in 2013 to meet the need of canine blood required during surgery and transfusions. The dogs suffering from diseases such as anemia and hemorrhage require blood transfusion to survive.

“We have two or three cases every month where we search for dog blood donors. But at times of dire need, it is impossible for us as we do not have the supply. By the time we get the right blood, the condition is critical, and many a times dogs pass away,” said Dr S Balasubaramaniam, Director of Clinics, TANUVAS Blood Bank.

TANUVAS hopes to hold 3 annual blood collection drives to increase awareness on the issue.

How to let your dog donate blood?

Pet owners who want to help the cause by letting their pet dogs donate blood can contact at this number 044- 25304000. The donor dogs will be issued a donor card. This card can help these pet dogs get free pet outpatient facilities at the veterinary college. They will be allowed in on a green channel for regular checkups and treatment of minor health issues.

Over 50 pet dogs were registered for blood donation during a camp yesterday. 11 dogs donated blood for the cause.

Eligibility for canine blood donation

  • Dog age – 1 to 9 years old
  • Weight – Not less than 20 kg
  • Health – Vaccinated and dewormed
  • Dogs suffering from tick infestation or just littered won’t be eligible for donation
  • Should have a friendly temperament
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