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Saturday , November 16 2019
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Dog Maternity Photo Shoot

Adorable Maternity Photo Shoot Of A Pregnant Foster Dog

“Every mother deserves a maternity photo shoot.”

Sarah Freeman, who’s fostering this beautiful pregnant dog, decided to throw her dog an adorable maternity photo shoot to make her feel special. Here are some beautiful photos of the dog’s maternity shoot.

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“I love taking adorable photos of my fosters to show them off on Instagram, it is such a great way to show off your fosters and find homes! I thought it would be a great way to spend the afternoon,” Sarah Freeman said.

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During the maternity photo shoot, the sweet soon-to-be-mom gladly accepted “lots of belly rubs” and gave lots of kisses in return.

Story of Ima

Maternity Photo Shoot

“Ima was abandoned by her owner and left in her crate for five days, unfortunately, three of the owner’s other dogs got run over. A neighbor took Ima in, but Ima got over the 6-ft. fence. She was gone for a month and came back pregnant. The neighbor knew she couldn’t afford to take care of Ima and her puppies properly so she surrendered Ima to Paws of Piedmont. Ima was then brought to the Greater Charlotte SPCA. Freeman explained. “

Pregnant dog in US

After six months, Ima’s babies will be born, she and her puppies will be available for adoption. Ima will be spayed before going to her forever home.

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