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Monday , January 20 2020
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Acid Attack On A Stray Dog In Kolkata

In a recent incident, a stray dog was attacked with acid in Dum Dum. Many animal welfare activists and local celebrities have come forward to condemn the cruel act.

The locals have said that they will launch a campaign against such inhuman practices and stronger punishment for the criminals committing these crimes.

Suspected Acid Attack

According to sources, the dog was seen in good health at around 11:30 pm on Saturday. But on Sunday, a local actor and animal welfare volunteer named Subrata Ganguly found the dog crying in pain near Dum Dum bus stand.

He stated that it was unbearable to watch the dog in such a condition. His skin was peeling off due to the acid and flesh and muscles were visible.

The dog was screaming in pain and crying but people couldn’t approach to help due to fear of acid.

Finally, a woman from an animal welfare NGO took the dog to a private veterinary hospital for treatment but the dog didn’t survive and succumbed to its injuries.

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