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Thursday , May 28 2020
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Abandoned Dog Recovers Miraculously After An Acid Attack

A dog abandoned on the streets of Goa, India, has made a miraculous recovery after falling victim to a brutal acid attack. The young dog, nicknamed Bones by her rescuers, was left wandering the streets with half of her face burned away.

It is not known who carried out the cruel and seemingly unprovoked attack on the ‘trusting’ pup. The acid had eaten away through her skin and tissue, creating a huge hole in her head exposing her skull.

With such a huge gaping wound, Bones faced a lingering death from infection. However, villagers took pity on the sorry dog and alerted vets from a British-based charity Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS), who quickly came to the rescue.

WVS described the acid attack victim as ‘suffering from one of the extreme wounds we’ve ever seen’. They managed to capture Bones and quickly gain her trust, allowing them to treat her with stitches, bandages, and antibiotics.

The dog is now happy, healthy and living with a WVS volunteer while waiting for someone to adopt her.

“Everyone from the villagers who rescued her, the dog handlers, the vets, the dog walkers, the visitors, everyone has been so overjoyed to see her make such a fantastic recovery.”

Worldwide Veterinary Service

Dorset-based WVS has a rescue centre based in Goa, providing long-term clinical care for abandoned, abused and injured street dogs in and around the Indian state.The centre also provides practical surgical training to Indian vets and local charity workers, promoting best practice techniques in animal welfare.

Vet Luke Gamble launched WVS from Cranborne, Dorset, in 2002 to combat animal suffering and now has long-term projects with animals of all sizes in places such as India, Thailand and Malawi.

Reference: Daily Mail

Pictures credit:  Caters News Agency

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