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Saturday , February 22 2020
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A Woman Spends ₹ 15,000 On 7 Stray Dogs Every Month In Panchkula

A woman named Archana Sharma, resident of sector 2, Panchkula, spends Rs. 15,000 every month to take care of seven stray dogs in her area.

Mother of 7 stray dogs

Sharma is a dog lover. She loves dogs so much that she has adopted 7 stray dogs from their locality.  She takes care of them herself and pampers them with special dog feed, milk, paneer and home-cooked chicken – spending almost Rs. 15,000 on their food per month.

Archana Sharma says that she has a soft corner for stray animals. She also tends to cows and cats that she comes across during her morning and evening walks.

 “I always stop whenever I find a needy stray animal on the road. I have been like this since childhood,” she said.

At her house, the dogs stay in her garage.  She has got them vaccinated and sterilized. The dogs are like a family for Archana, whose husband is a doctor and lives in the US.

“I treat the stray dogs like my sons. I wish everyone helps needy animals as we encroached upon their space by constructing buildings everywhere. They also need care and love,” she says

Good quality of food for dogs

Sharma always try to buy good quality foods for them. From packed dog food to eggs, paneer, milk and fruits. The dogs also get a treat of home-cooked chicken once a week.

Archana has also helped the municipal corporation in sterilizing more than 15 stray dogs in her locality recently.

Reference: The Times Of India

We salute women like her! And hope that stories like these inspire more people to come forward and adopt stray dogs in their locality.

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