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Tuesday , August 20 2019
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Animal cruelty

A Stray Dog Dragged Over 2 Kilometers Behind An Auto In Hyderabad

In a shocking case of animal cruelty, an auto driver allegedly chained a stray dog to his vehicle and dragged it for over 2 kilometers on the roads in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad.  

The incident took place on Aug 10, 2018, when NGO People for Animals (PFA) volunteer Sravya Varma noticed the brutality and rescued the dog. The breed of Indian dog suffered from several internal injuries and in critical condition.

After receiving the information, animal welfare organization PFA activists lodged a complaint against the accused with Jubilee Hills police.

“The PFA volunteer rescued the dog and shifted it to Animal Care Clinic at Banjara Hills for initial treatment and then brought to PFA rescue home at Begum Bazaar, where it is currently battling for life,” Dattatreya Joshi of PFA

“The dog, which suffered internal bleeding, is in a critical condition. Also, the canine has suffered injuries all over the body, including a fracture on one of its legs,” he added.

An FIR has been lodged

Jubilee Hills,  sub-inspector P Saida  registered an FIR based on a complaint by PFA activists,

“We seized the vehicle (AP 28 V 9681) which was used in the brutal act,” Jubilee Hills sub-inspector P Saida said. A case was registered under Sections 336 of the IPC and the Prevention of Cruelty Act, 1960.

“What the auto driver did is unacceptable, unconstitutional and a clear violation of law. We request the authorities to take stringent action against the culprit,” Joshi added.

Reference: The Times Of India

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