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9 Dogs Rescued From an Illegal Breeding Centre In Gurugram

Recently, members of Umeed for Animals Foundation (NGO) rescued nine dogs from a bungalow at Ansal Esencia, Sector 67, Gurugram. The animal right activists claim this location as an illegal breeding centre.

Among nine dogs, four dogs are male and five are female, most of which are breeds like Pit bull, Shar-Pie, Cane Corso and Mastiff. The dogs were found to be unhealthy, underweight and injured at the time of rescue.

Members of NGO, Umeed for Animals Foundation carried out the ‘raid’, and filed a complaint against the owner of the dogs for alleged cruelty against the animals, but later withdrew it.

“Dog breeding has been going on in this bungalow for a long time. But, the owner stopped breeding when the dogs fell ill a few months ago. We have seen the dogs being tortured and chained for months,” said an eyewitness, requesting anonymity.

Nikhil Mahesh, co-founder at Umeed for Animals Foundation said they received a call from one of the servants of the dog owner.

“The caller said his boss was planning to abandon five dogs and urged us to rescue them. We immediately visited the house on 25 December, night and found 11 dogs in bad conditions. The dogs were being subjected to cruelty. The accused agreed to surrender only nine of the 11 dogs,” Mahesh said in his complaint filed at Badshapur police station.

The two remaining dogs were not chained and thus, couldn’t be rescued. After the rescue, the 9 dogs were taken for medical examinations.

Dr Shally Mattoo Jalali, who examined the dogs said, “The dogs were found to be malnourished, underfed and injured. The blood reports showed high eosinophil counts, low hemoglobin levels and high TLC counts.”

The dogs are currently in a shelter home run by the NGO.

According to law

A license issued by the district administration and the police is required to start a breeding centre of dogs, so that officials of SPCA (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) can inspect it from time to time.

An FIR can be filed against an accused under sections 428, 506 of the IPC and Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, for acts of maiming, cruelty and illegal breeding.

No FIR lodge

However, in this case, no FIR has been filed. The complaint has been withdrawn on 25 December, said a cop from Badshapur police station.

What co- founder says,

Mahesh said, “We have withdrawn the complaint as the dogs can’t be put up for adoption if the case is pending. Once we rescued two Labradors when they were just eight months old. Now, they are 2.5 years and still with us as they are case property. The accused on the other hand can get away with a penalty of just Rs 50. It is therefore sensible to withdraw the complaint.”

Umeed undercovers Gurgaon's Breeder Racket #UmeedAgainstBreeders

* UNETHICAL BREEDERS AT THEIR WORST * UMEED UNDERCOVERS ONE OF GURGAON’S WORST BREEDER CASE *Via a trusted volunteer ( identity kept anonymous for security reasons ) we came to know about an unethical breeder who had kept 9 of his dogs in absolute filthy conditions without food , water or any medical care We reached the Accused house at Ansal Essencia, Gurgaon and were shocked to see the poor state of these outside and inside a posh bungalow. In a posh house of 4 floors , these 9 dogs were used for procreating and selling litters worth lacs. Apparently this guy has more properties in Noida , Delhi , Jaipur as well as Gurgaon with multiple maids and servants involved in this racket There were 9 dogs ( 2 huskies, 2 pit bulls, 1 Sharpe, 4 mastiffs) tied to gutters and fences and were surviving on poop and garbage during the day as they weren’t given any kind of food or water at length for days. We could literally smell of dead animals and count their ribs and these animals were petrified of human touch because we also suspected that they were beaten mercilesslessly. Upon close investigation, the caretaker informed us that these dogs were fed once in 3 days and were kept tied 24/7. They were kept at the backyard of the bungalow where they were tied all night long forced to stay in their own poop and pee that they eventually used to eat when hungry After multiple warnings and legal intimation for stricter action , no action was taken by the accused, instead we were threatened to mind our business else we will face the music Umeed went ahead and a Complaint was filed at Badshapur police station post one round of police visit to the accused’s house . The Breeder was made to surrender all his dogs as he did not want to give them a better life and also threatened us that he will continue with his profession and has contacts to get more dogs to sell . The dogs are now under our care at Umeed and are NOT UP FOR ADOPTION YET DUE TO THEIR MEDICAL CONDITION . Upon Dr Shally's examination and post blood reports , All dogs were found severely anaemic , undernourished, weak, stunted with growth and have multiple infections in their body.The dogs are kept in a special area at Umeed with proper food , water and medical care by staff. They are already in love with the open field and fresh air and have possibly seen the sun after ages We would like to urge you to go through the pics and videos and question yourself if you’ve ever brought a Pet from a Pet shop. This is possibly what happened to their parents too. Is this what they deserve ? A life of merciless misuse and eventual death when they can’t reproduce ? A life full of filth and no food or love ? ANY KIND OF BREEDING IS UNETHICAL. THERE IS NO WAY SELLING WOMB WILL EVER BE ETHICAL. SHARE AND LEARN ! ADOPT A KID WHO NEEDS A HOME RATHER THAN INFLICTING SUFFERING ON THE VOICELESS IN UNKNOWN WAYS WE ARE ALL RESPONSIBLE ! LETS SHARE AND SPREAD THIS FORWARD SO UNETHICAL BREEDERS GET MORE CAUTIOUS AND WE ARE MORE SELF AWARE ! Shame on such people ! SHAME ON YOUR CONTACTS AND YOUR CUSTOMERS ! SHAME ON BREEDERS AND VETS / HOSPITALS AND OTHER PEOPLE THAT HELP SUCH BREEDERS GET INCOME OUT OF THIS INHUMAN ACT#UmeedAgainstBreeders #UmeedforAnimals #umeedtherehabcenter #DogsofUmeed #BreederRescue #AdoptDontShop #GurgaonBreedingRacketCC : Storypick ; LBB, Gurgaon YourStory Timesofindia The Hindu Hindustan Times The Times of India – Gurgaon PETA India

Posted by Umeed for Animals Foundation on Sunday, December 24, 2017

Reference: The Times Of India

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