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Thursday , May 28 2020
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9 Dog Facts That You Didn’t Know

We have got an interesting article for you! We researched and found out some amazing dog facts that you might not know. Here goes:

#1. They don’t feel guilt but they do feel jealous

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That’s right! Dogs do not feel guilt but they can get extremely jealous. Researchers have also found out that those puppy dog eyes that dogs give sometimes are not a sign of guilt, it is just how we perceive their reaction for being scolded.

#2. They can see in color

Dog Facts 2

Dogs have only two color sensitive cone cells as compared to three in humans. So, they can see in color but in the scale of blue and yellow only. They cannot identify red and green colors. However, they have enhanced night vision that humans don’t have.

#3. They can smell disease

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This is one of those weird dog facts but researchers have found it to be true. Dogs can smell diseases in humans such as diabetes and infections, even cancer! They can also sense epileptic seizures before they happen. Scientists and doctors are trying to explore more about this dog sense.

#4. They can outsmart humans

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As per a research by American Psychological Association, dogs can be as smart as a 2 year old human child. Some dog breeds such as Border Collie, Poodle, Golden retriever etc. can even outsmart humans at times.

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#5. A wagging tail is not always a sign of happiness

Dog Facts 5

Dog tail wagging has many interpretations. If a dog is wagging his tail towards the right more then that means they are happy. If it is on the left side then that means they are scared. A low tail wagging along with rapid movements and tense muscles indicate an insecure and aggressive dog.

#6. They always have a high body temperature

Dog Fun Facts 6

The normal human body temperature is 37 degree Celsius whereas dogs have a normal body temperature that fluctuates around 38 and 39 degree Celsius. But dogs don’t sweat like humans as they don’t have sweat glands in their body. You can only tell that a dog is sweating by checking their paw pads.

#7. Every dog has a unique fingerprint

Dog Facts 7

One of the most amazing dog facts: A dog’s paw print might look pretty generic but their nose print is as unique as a human fingerprint. No two dogs will have a same nose print. It is often used to identify dogs.

#8. They dream just like us

Dog Facts 8

This won’t be a big surprise for pet parents as they would have noticed their pet dog dreaming while they’re asleep. They twitch, whimper and even bark while they are dreaming. They have similar brain wave patterns as humans when they are asleep. Puppies have more vivid dreams as compared to grown up ones!

#9. They also fall in love

Dog Facts 9

This is one of the most well known dog facts. A concept was suggested by anthropologist Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, author of The Social Lives of Dogs, who believed that dogs do fall in love and deeply. She mentions in her book about two dogs Sundog and Bean who were kept apart because their owners didn’t want to give them up and the dogs felt agonized and fell ill.

A Bonus Dog Fact:

Video via YouTube

This Beatles song “A day in the life” has a high pitched whistle sound which is audible only to dogs. The song was recorded by Paul McCartney. He wanted his dog to enjoy his music as well.

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