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4 Dogs Poisoned To Death In Hyderabad

Recently, a animal cruelty case has been reported where 4 dogs have been poisoned to death while another one is battling for his life. The incident was reported from an upscale Malaysian township in Kukatpally.

The dead bodies of the dogs were found beside biscuits and chicken which is suspected to be laced with poison.

“There is mass poisoning of dogs going on in Malaysian Township. About four dogs have died since yesterday (Sunday). Of the two dogs that were critical, one has died and many other dogs which are missing are also suspected to have died,” said Alokparna Sengupta, deputy director, Humane Society International (HSI), India.

A reward of INR 50,000 has been announced by the HSI India. It will be given to anyone who comes up with the information regarding the accused.

FIR lodged

An FIR has been lodged by one of the residents of the block.

“We found two dogs dead on Sunday. When I spoke to the floor managers of the block on Monday, they confirmed that the security in-charge and facility manager had asked them to put the food in the dustbin. The security in-charge and facility manager were present when we reached the spot on Monday. I registered a FIR on Sunday evening and by the time I came back I received another call saying that more dogs were poisoned. We saw that one dog which ate the food was still alive, so we rushed him to the hospital while one dog succumbed in front of us,” said Varun Johar, a resident of Malaysian Township.

The carcasses of the dogs were taken by the police and GHMC for postmortem. The leftover food which the dogs ate was also sent for forensic examination.

“We are finding contaminated food samples at different places around this block of the township. Somebody from the welfare association is definitely involved in this,” Johar added.

“We will get to the bottom of it and examine all CCTV footage once we get the postmortem and forensic reports,” said Laxmi Narayana, Inspector of Police, KPHB colony police station.

What the Law Says?

A case under IPC Section 429 (killing or maiming an animal) was registered.

Reference: TOI

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